The band emerged in november 2008 with the three Viberg brothers Jan, Tom and Lars at its core. The band was called Slashgrain and the style was instrumental progressive metal and with great influence from bands like Liquid Tension Experiment and Iron Maiden.


SlashGrain - Summer 2009


In 2009 their old friend Christian Willer joined the band. They started working with their music through the internet and in their own private studios, and rehearse for longer periods when the songs where ready. The band is still writing their material this way, caused by a long distance between the band members. But Christian left the band in 2010 and after that the band was quiet for 1½ year.

In 2012 Kasper Miller joined the band as the lead singer and Jesper Andersen joined the band as the new rhythm guitarist.


Caught Red Handed - Summer 2013

 The new band name was Caught Red Handed (title of the first song of Slashgrain) and they started writing material for their first EP “Demon Tales”. The EP were released in november 2013 and shortly after that Jesper left the band. Kasper started playing the rhythm guitar and now they were a 4-member constellation.

With a lot of new material, they didn't start touring. Instead they worked with their new band constellation, their image and began work on new songs for a full scale album.

They did some great live shows during the summer 2015 before they finished the studio work of their latest full CD release “Oppression Rebellion” and are now ready to tour in 2016.

 Caught Red Handed 2016

Caught Red Handed - Summer 2016